CR Inside Forms & Documents

The list below contains some of the forms and documents that are associated with the "CR Inside" prison ministry. These are general use forms and documents and may not be approved for use in your individual state or location. Please check with the CR Inside Reps and leaders in your particular state or location to obtain the forms that may be specific to your need. You can find your local CR Inside State Reps by going to this page and locating the CR Inside Reps for your area.

Celebrate Recovery Documents


The 8 Principles of Celebrate Recovery

The Twelve Steps of Celebrate Recovery

Celebrate Recovery Small Group Guidelines

The DNA of an authentic "Celebrate Recovery®" Ministry

CR Inside Start-up Information


CR Inside Start-up Pack (Complete)

CR Inside Start-up Pack (Basic)

CR Inside Leadership Strategy

CR Inside General Meeting Worksheet

CR Inside Step Study Group Format

CR Inside Peer Facilitator-Coach Covenant

How to order CR Inside materials

Sample - Local CR Contact Letter

CR Inside Specific Documents


CR Inside Small Group Guidelines (short format)

General Forms


Photograph and Video Model Release Form