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Home Run - Coming To A Prison Near You!

Home Run and Provident Films have given us a wonderful opportunity to share this film in prisons and jails. For only $35.00 you can get a DVD and a site license to (legally) show this film to a large audience. A separate license much be purchased for each institution individually. Check with you Chaplain or Facility Administrator and then click here to order!

Home Run: Official Movie Trailer

Forced back to his home town and into a recovery program, baseball's bad boy confronts his alcoholism to rejoin his team, coaches little league to regain his popularity, pursues his old flame to rekindle a romance, and ultimately lets go to find redemption.

Home Run: Watch the Impact

Hear from people all over the country about the impact HOME RUN has had on their lives. DVD/BLU-RAY AVAILABLE NOW!

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