CR Inside Videos

Below are several different videos from CR Inside. Some tell the story of healing and hope that is being experienced inside the prisons and jails around our country and around the world through Celebrate Recovery® Inside. Some share the accomplishments of CR Inside participants and graduates both inside and outside the walls. There are also videos about other issues or ideas relating to incarceration in our society today that we feel are exemplary thoughts and visions on effective ways to deal with our incarcerated brothers and sisters.

Some of these videos are informational, some are inspirational, but all are here to help our participants and volunteers find encouragement, hope, and healing through CR Inside.

Faith-Based Courses for Inmates-Morgan County, AL 

By Wendy Turner
CR Inside State Rep Alabama

The CR Inside ministry in Decatur, Alabama started almost one year ago by teaching Life's Healing Choices at a local women's rehab facility. Since then they have partnered with the Neighborhood Christian Center to teach Life's Healing Choices and a Step Study at the Morgan County Jail in Decatur, AL and the success has been overwhelming! God has blessed us with such a strong and caring ministry team. We even have the privilege of being able to take the inmates that participate in the CR Inside classes to our local CR meetings on Thursday evenings at Decatur Baptist Church. We were so excited to hear that the local news wanted to send someone to do a story on the classes that were being taught in the jail. The attached video resulted. Most of the clips in this video, including the inmate being interviewed, are from one of our Life's Healing Choices classes.
I hope this video is an encouragement to you and your CRI Ministry!

 Dan Pacholke: How prisons can help inmates live meaningful lives

In the United States, the agencies that govern prisons are often called 'Department of Corrections'. And yet, their focus is on containing and controlling inmates. Dan Pacholke, Deputy Secretary for the Washington State Department of Corrections, shares a different vision: of prisons that provide humane living conditions as well as opportunities for meaningful work and learning.

Prison administrator and reformer Dan Pacholke aims to keep the Washington State Department of Corrections on the front edge of innovation by rethinking the design of prisons, the training of officers and the education opportunities made available to inmates.

Video courtesy of TED Talks.

Burl Cain, Warden, Louisiana State Penitentiary at Angola, LA 

"We have to break the cycle"

Burl Cain, Warden, Louisiana State Penitentiary, Angola, LA speaks on Celebrate Recovery® and how CR is changing the lives of those on the inside as witnessed through the message of Cory Brandt's life in Home Run the Movie. Check out how you can host a viewing of Home Run the Movie in your facility by clicking here.

Brad Yarberry CR Inside Testimony 

Brad Yarberry
Celebrate Recovery Inside Oklahoma 2012
Personal Testimony

Dutch Christian Television Films Graduation at Jess Dunn

Early in 2012, our National Director, Hector Lozano, was contacted by David Hammelburg, a producer for EO Dutch Television, the evangelical network in the Netherlands, about producing a segment on Celebrate Recovery in U.S. prisons. They were looking to combine a graduation with a worship service, testimony, and interviews with individual inmates who've participated in Celebrate Recovery Inside (CRI).

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Florida Celebrate Recovery Inside Video

This is a video from the Florida CR Inside Team featuring CR Inside volunteer Marcus Carder as he and other volunteers take Celebrate Recovery Inside into the Land O' Lakes Jail in Pasco County, Florida. It includes inmate Joseph Churchville sharing about the importance CR inside has in his life, and positive feedback from Chaplain Bob Loeffler and Pasco County Sheriff Chris Nocco.

Boley CR Inside Graduates and Volunteers

John Lilley Correctional Center in Boley, Oklahoma began its first step study in November, 2010, and graduated eight men in October 2011. The men have consequently taken the ALT, including the Testimony writing workshop and How to Use the CR Bible. They are now co-facilitating another round of studies and looking forward to witnessing the impact of CR on the yard and in their lives. Thanks to volunteers Terry Finch (team leader) and Richard Lovett and Park Plaza Church of Christ Prison Ministry and CR.